Image of Guruvayoor TempleGuruvayur is synonymous with Lord Krishna and thousands of devotee from all over the country come to offer prayers to Lord Krishna 9avatar of Lord Vishnu) who is seen here with the conch,discus,mace and lotus in his four arms. It is believed that the holy temple in Dwaraka was submerged in water.Guru, the preceptor of the Gods and Vayu the Wind God installed the idol in this holy site. After the deluge when the duo were aviating they beheld a beautiful idol of Lord Vishnu floating in Sea waves.The carried te idol and consecrated inside the temple they built, for the amelioration of mankind.

The eastern nada is the main entrance to the shrine.In the Chuttambalam (outer enclosure) there is a tall 33.5 m high gold plated dhwajasthambam (flag pole) and a 7 m tall structure to hold lamps (deepasthambam),whose thirteen circular receptacles provide a truly gorgeous spectacle when lit.The square Sreekovil is the sacred sanctum of the temple,housing the main deity.Within the temple there are also the images of Ganapathy,Lord Ayyappa and Edathedattu Kavil Bhagavathy.

The temple rituals are elaborate and begin early in the morning.Guruvayur temple is the proud owner of the maximum number of elephants. The elephants carry the deity out in procession on festive occasions. On these days the outer walls of the temple are lit up with butter lamps, an ethereal vision transporting one to a bygone era.Guruvayoor is among the wealthiest temple in India.

The temple is a main place for Hindu marriages. A record number of marriages take place each day at the temple sometimes crossing 100 in a single day. Devotees of Guruvayurappan think it is a blessing to start marriage life before of the Lord.Only Hindus are allowed inside the temple

Pooja Timings in Guruvayoor Temple

The temple opens at 03 00 am

03 00 am to 03 30 am


03 20 am to 03 30 am


03 30 am to 04 15 am

Malar Nivedyam,Alankaram

04 15 am to 04 30 am

Usha Nivedyam

04 30 am to 06 15 am

Ethirettu pooja followed by Usha pooja

07 15 am to 09 00 am

Seeveli,Palabhishekam,Navakabhishekam,Pantheeradi Nivedaym and Pooja

11 30 am to 12 30 am

Ucha pooja (the noon pooja)

Temple will be closed between 12 30 and 04 30 pm and reopen at 04 30 pm

04 30 pm to 05 00 pm


06 00 pm to 06 45 pm


07 30 pm to 07 45 pm

Athazha pooja,Nivedyam

07 45 pm to 08 15 pm

Athazha pooja

08 45 pm to 09 00 pm

Athazha seeveli

09 00 pm to 09 15 pm


09 15 pm

The Sreekovil remains closed. On the day of special illuminations called “Vilakku”,the Thripuka is performed after that. The Sreekovil will be closed after Thripuka.Then the Krishnanattam,a colorful traditional dance on Lord Krishna’s life is enacted inside the temple on special days.

The timings given are approximate. It may vary if there is Udayasthamana pooja or on certain special occasions. For further details, contact 0487 2551800,2556280


Chavakkad BeachIf you are a beach person, you should walk to Chavakkad Beach in Thrissur, at least once. One of the loveliest spots in Kerala to rejuvenate your soul, a view from the light house, especially during the evening, is breathtaking.

The aerial view of the waves laced with white froth hitting the shore and the color of sea changing with time is indeed, a  feast for the eyes. Another interesting feature of Chavakkad Beach is that you can see the confluence o river and sea, which in Malayalam known as Azhimukham.Fringed with coconut groves and palm trees, the beach is just 5 km away from the famous Guruvayoor town.

A lot of tourists visit the place every year to take a plunge in the eater. At the beach,you can do various activities like beach walk,swimming,sunbathing,fishing and playing games.

It is also an ideal space to spot migratory birds that come in flocks during the season. You can watch fishing and even attempt it with the help of local fishermen. Complete the beach sojourn with delicious food from the nearby stalls.

The place is accessible via air and train. The nearest railway stations are Guruvayoor (5 km) and Thrissur (29 km).The nearest airport is Cochin International Airport (about 79 Km)

Getting There

By Air : The nearest airport is at Kochi (Cochin) ,80 km away.

By rail: The nearest railhead is Guruvayur.Guruvayur is connected with Ernakulam , Thrissur , Punalur , Thiruvananthapuram and Chennai by rail networks.Phone :  0487-2556820.

By Road :Guruvayoor is connected by road with several tourist centres and cities in Kerala. The National highway is passing through Kunnamkulam which is just 8 kms away from Guruvayoor Long distance buses are operate from the KSRTC Bus Station. Phone: 0487 2556210,2556450.

Where to stay

Good resorts and hotels are available at Guruvayoor. .For details of hotels and resorts in Guruvayoor,see accommodation listing on .


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