Resort in KeralaIn Kerala, perhaps more than anywhere else in India, getting your choice of accommodation right will make or break your holiday. While rarely less than acceptable, standard and styles in all categories differ enormously. The reason for this is the varying speeds with which local hotels and guesthouse owners have adapted to recent changes in the tourism market. Whereas a decade ago,a basic room with running water was all that most visitors expected,now places to stay stand at the centre of the Kerala wxperience.Traditional architecture, verandas with lovely views and the chance to see period properties from the comfort of an antique bed are the reason many people come – and few leave disappointed.

Whatever your budget, you can expect to stay in some truly memorable places, ranging from old wooden tharavadu homesteads surrounded by rice fields to ivy-fronted British bungalows on tea estates high in the hills, village huts in the backwaters, and beachside resorts offering sea views from their overflow pools.

Prices, particualary in tourist centres, are high by Indian standards, but compared with Western countries, room tariff offer amazing value for money.

Hotels and Guesthouses

There is a huge variety of hotels, guesthouses and lodges throughout Kerala. Ranging from tiny bitten holes coasting under Rs.150 to super luxurious giants that will set you back hundreds of dollars for a night.

Checkout time varies – in some places such as hill stations or beach resorts; 9 – 10 AM is the norm, while in upper bracket places it is more likely to be noon. Across most of the region,however,at least in the budget to lower mid range bands, places operate a 24 hour system, under which you are simply obliged to leave by the same time as you arrived.

Unfortunately not all hotels have single rooms, so it generally works out more expensive to travel alone, although you may be able to negotiate a slight discount for single occupancy of a double. It is not unusual to find rooms with three or four beds, however – great value for families and small groups.

In cheap hotels and hostels, you needn’t expect any additions to your basic bill, but as you go up the scale you’ll find taxes and service charges creeping in, sometimes adding as much as a third on top of the original tariff. Taxes vary but services are generally 15 to 20 percent. These hidden charges are ually added to your bill.

Inexpensive Hotels

While accommodation prices in Kerala are generally on the up, there’s still an abundance of cheap hotels and lodges, catering for backpacking tourists and less well off Indians. Most charges Rs.250 – 500 for a double room, and outside the big cities some have rates below Rs.250/-.

Budget accommodation tends to be cheaper the further you get off the beaten track; it’s most expensive in the resorts of Kovalam and Varkala, where prices are at least double those for equivalent accommodation in most other areas.

Mid Range Hotels

You don’t need to pay through the nose for creature comforts in Kerala. A large, clean double, with a freshly made bed, you own spotless bathroom with sit down toilet, cable TV and hot and cold running water can still cost under Rs.1,500/-,Extras that bump up the price include taxes, a balcony and, above all, air conditioning. May medium priced hotels also have attached restaurants and even room service.

Up market Hotels

Kerala has devised its own spin on the conventional five star campuses, relocating antique wood houses from villages to luxury resort enclaves on the coast and backwaters. Well to do families with beautiful old country mansions have also started to open their doors to guests, charging five star tariffs for the privilege. And in the Western Ghats of inland Kerala, you’ll find so called eco resorts, often consisting of tree houses or thatched, village style mud huts equipped with low impact comforts.

Waking up to the magnificent chorus of crickets, enjoying the feeling of sand between your toes, breathing the purest air and experiencing an exciting night filled with the magic of the forest by moonlight, need not just be the stuff of dreams. one cool resorts in Kerala offer these and more. It is indeed hard not to yield to the temptations of losing yourself in the lap of nature.


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