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New day Wellness offers Integrated Wellness holidays with a range of unique and natural resorts, and untouched countryside with the world’s cleanest air. Kerala has been a popular destination for wellness for centuries.  With our ayurveda traditions stretch back almost 5000 years. As such, we know quite a lot about holidaying for your health, and we know what to offer people to make sure they get the most from their break.

Ayurveda ImageThere is a lot to choose from in new day wellness in terms of wellness holidays. In addition to our integrative multi dimensional wellness programs, you can get away from it all in the country’s beautiful natural environments or give yourself a workout at one of our many options for heritage and eco tours, backwaters and beaches before recharging your batteries at a restaurant where healthy food takes pride of place.

Ayurveda has always stressed on harmony of the body and mind and is largely concerned with the prevention of ailments. Indian as well as foreigners are aware of the holistic effects and the curative properties of this branch of medicine. The recent appointment of Steffi Graf as the face of the Ayurveda promotion campaign is aimed at promotion of Kerala’s traditional Ayurveda worldwide. This is an initiative undertaken as a part of the tourism department’s ‘Visit Kerala’ scheme and will give a fillip to Ayurveda tourism in Kerala.

This is an initiative of the tourism department and the officials concerned wanted someone with a global presence.Incidentally,Steffi has undergone Ayurveda treatment and since sports ayurveda  is an emerging sub sector; she seems to be the right person to promote this branch of medicine. Most people are aware of the healing properties of Ayurveda which has reached a global platform but what Halo Backwaters is doing, joining hands with the tourism department, is to see that when tourists come to Kerala they are directed to authentic and quality conscious Ayurveda centers. Kerala have resorts which are good and some which are not so good standards.

There are several hebal formulations which are unique to Kerala and which have been included in the Ayurvedic Formulary of India. Another USP of Kerala’s Ayurvedra is that the stress is more on the herbal components than on minerals or metals.60% of the tourists are foreigners who come for a monthly or bi-monthly treatment package with yoga as well as meditation included in the package..It is mostly individuals who are fed up of the allopathic treatments who come here and they are treated using a combination of yoga, ayurveda ad proper diet to create a balance in the body.Panchakarma and Wight loss programmes are the most sought after with individuals also coming in for relaxation and rejuvenation for a whole host of diseases.

Ayurveda - healing Mind, Body & Spirit

AyurvedaAyurveda – The science of Life; the ancient system of medicine – stressed on the prevention of body ailments in addition to curing them. Today, it’s a unique, indispensable branch of medicine – a complete natural healing system that depends on the diagnosis of your body’s homours – vata, pitta and kapha – to achieve the right balance. Ayurveda believes in the treatment of not just the affected part, but the individual as a whole. Making the natural way to refresh yourself, elimate all toxic imbalances from the body and thus regain resistance and good health.

Integrative Wellness - the holistic approach

YogaNewday envision a client as a whole and provide them solutions considering – various dimensions  of health and wellness such as physical, emotional, intellectual, sociological, environmental spiritual and occupational domains.

We assess a customer through various scientific techniques which includes, Behavior and stress level assessment, DNA profiling, Nutritional assessment etc.

Our compassionate team of doctors, ayurveda and yoga experts, life and wellness coaches will work along with your for your healing and growth.

Wellness Breaks & Accommodations

Tour Packages

In Kerala, perhaps more than anywhere else in India, getting your choice of accommodation right will make or break your holiday. While rarely less than acceptable, standards and styles in all categories differ enormously. The reason for this is the varying speeds with which local hotel and guesthouse owners have adapted to recent changes in the tourism market. Whereas a decade ago, a basic room with running water was all that most visitors expected, now places to stay stand at the centre of the Kerala experience. Traditional architecture, verandas with lovely views and the chance to see period properties from the comfort of an antique bed are the reason many people come.

We combine your tour with adventure, wildlife, beaches, backwaters, culture an heritage with a delicious, healthy cuisine… Round out a forest hike with a relaxing massage… Spend a romantic weekend unwinding in a scented bath… wellness breaks are sure to pamper both mind, body and spirit.

We provide accommodation in various natural resorts, eco lodges and hill stations with customized wellness programs.


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Green and gold are the defining colors of Kerala; green for the tropical lushness that bursts from every patch of ground in Kerala; gold for the prosperity that has for many thousands of years been a consequence of this abundance. You see the two in combination everywhere, in the borders of the white cotton mundu worn by Keralan men ,in the ceremonial umbrellas hoisted over temple deities as thy’r processed on elephant back during festivals, and in the makeup of the kathakali hero, framed by his trademark jewel- encrusted headdress…Experience our unique Kerala Tourism activities and Kerala Tour Packages...... COME AND ENJOY IT WITH HALO BACKWATERS.                         


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