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Most visitors to Kerala fly into either Kochi (Cochin) or Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum), through the northern city of Kozhikode (Calicut) alos has an international airport. From UK, getting there by air will mean at least one change of plane – normally in the Gulf.Travellers from North America can expect an additional stopover in London – though there are direct flights from US and Canada to the Gulf, and to Mumbai in India. Flying from Australia or New Zealand requires a minimum of one change, usually in Southeast Asia or Hong Kong and often another in Chennai or Mumbai.

Airfares always depend on the season with the highest being from roughly November to March, when the weather in Kerala is best; fares drop during the shoulder seasons – April to May and August to early October – and you’ll get the best price at the height of the monsoons, in June and July. Fares peak in November, around Diwali as Indian emigrants travelling home for holidays with their families creates a surge in demand, and over Christmas and New Year.

A long list of operators run package holidays to Kerala, bases around beach stays in Kovalam or Varkala, which include the cost of the flight and hotel. Some also offer special interest tours ranging from textiles to religion, food and wildlife. In addition, many companies will arrange tailor-made tours, and can help you plan your own itinerary.

Flights from the UK and Ireland

There are no direct flights from the UK to Kerala. The most convenient route is to fly scheduled via Colombo with Sri Lankan Airlines or through one of the Gulf States with a carrier such as Qatar Airways, Emirates, Etihad or Gulf Air.Either way; you’re looking at a total flying time of between eleven and twelve houses plus the stopover.

Routing passengers through their hub city Doha, Qatar Airways offer the most consistently competitive fares. They have daily onward departures to all three airports in Kerala. Transit times with Qatar are short;this is handy if your outbound flight leaves on time, but a major drawback if it doesn’t, as misses connections can mean a frustrating extra day killing time in Doha. Indian carriers offering flights to Kerala from the UK via the Gulf include Air India, Indian Airlines and Jet.

An alternative route, which can save you money but invariably increase travelling time, is to fly via Mumbai and pick up a domestic connection there. Carriers with direct daily flights to Mumbai from London include British Airways, the pricier Air India and Jet Airways. For the onward leg to Kerala, you can either opt for one of the scheduled domestic companies – Air India, Jet Air, Go Air, Indigo, Spice Jet or JetKonnect.Of the bunch, Jet is the most dependable and flexibale, but also the most expensive. You can book their tickets through agents in the UK and Ireland, or via the Jet Airways website.

There are no direct flights to anywhere in South India from Ireland. Your best bet is to link up with a scheduled or charter departure from London.

Flights from the US and Canada 

Whether you fly to Kerala from US and Canada via Europe or over the Pacific, it’s a long haul, involing one or more intermediate stops. Air India and Jet Airways both fly to Mumbai direct from New York, but you’ll arrive fresher and less jet lagged it you stop over for a few days somewhere en route. 

From the East Coast, you’ll stop over somewhere in Europe, the Gulf, or both. Figure on at least eighteen hours total travel time. Prices are most competitive out of New York. 

From the West Coast, it works out slightly quicker to fly west rather than east – a minimum of 22 hours total travel time – and there may be much difference in price. 

From Canada, typical discounted low and high season fares to Kochi from Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver are can US $ 2250/3000.

Flights from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa

Only Qantas flies direct from Australia to India, with flights from both Sydney and Melbourne to Mumbai. Most travelers, however, make at least one change of plane in a South or Southeast Asian hub city: flights with carriers such as SriLankan Airlines, Singapore Airlines and Malaysia Airlines are considerably cheaper. That said, there is a huge choice of airlines flying to the region, and in order to get the best price most agents will combine two or more carriers.Becuase of higher demand, the bet value tickets are generally from Australia’s east coast. There are no direct flights and most travelers change in one of the major Australian cities or in Hong Kong. 

From South Africa you can either fly direct to Mumbai from Johannesburg with South African Airlines and pick up an onward domestic flight to Kerala from there, or go indirect via the Gulf, which will be cheaper, but involve one more change.

Airlines, Agents and operators

Online Booking (in UK) (in US) (in Canada) (in UK) (in US) (in UK) (in US) (in UK) (in US) (in Canada) (in Australia) (in NZ) (in UK)



Telephone Number



US : 1-888-686-4949

Canada : 1-416-642-1653

Air Canada

Canada : 1-888-247-2262


Air France

US : 0870 142 4343

Republic of Ireland : 01-605-0383

US : 1-800-237-2747

Canada : 1-800-667-2747

Air India

UK : 02085609996

US : 1-800-223-7776

Canada: 1-416-865-1033

Australia : 02/9283 4020

New Zealand : 09/631/5651

Air New Zealand

Australia : 13-24-76

New Zealand : 0800/737000


UK : 0870 544 8259

Republic of Ireland : 01/677/5171

US : 1-800-223-5730

Canada : 1-800-361-8336

All Nippon Airways

US : 1-800-235-9262

British Airways

UK : 0870 850 9850

Republic of Ireland : 1890/626 747

Canada : 1-800-247-9297

Australia : 1300/767177

New Zealand : 09/966 9777

South Africa : 011/441 8600

Cathay Pacific

US : 1-800-233-2742

Australia : 13 17 47

New Zealand : 09/379/0861

South Africa : 011/7008930

Delta Air Lines

US and Canada | 1-800-221-1212


UK : 0870 243 2222

US : 1-800-777-3999

Australia : 03/9940 7807

New Zealand : 09/308 3352

South Africa : 0861/363 738


UK : 020 8735 6700

US :0212-984-1878

Australia : 02/9293 2855

South Africa : 011/343 9140

Gulf Air

UK : 0870 777 1717

Republic of Ireland : 0818/272 818

US 1-888-359-4853

South Africa : 011/268 8909

Jet Airways

UK : 020 8970 1525

US : 1-800-225-522

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

UK : 0870 507 4074

Australia : 1300/303747

New Zealand : 09/309 1782

South Africa : 011/881 9600

Kuwait Airways

US : 1-201-582-9200


UK : 0870 837 7747

Republic of Ireland :01/844 5544

US : 1-800-645-3880

Canada : 1-800-5635954

Australia : 1300/655727

New Zealand : 09/303 1529

South Africa : 011/325 1925

Malaysia Airlines

US : 1-800-552-9264

Australia : 13 26 27

New Zealand : 0800/777747

Northwest/KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

US & Canada : 1-800-225-2525

Oman Air

UK : 0870 770 7319

Republic of Ireland : 01/844 7376

Pakistan International Airlines

UK : 0800 587 1023

US : 1-800-578-6786 or 1-212-760-8484


UK : 0845 774 7767

Republic of Ireland : 01/407/3278

US : 1-800-227-4500

Australia : 13 13 13

New Zealand : 09/357 8900

South Africa : 011/441 8491

Qatar Airways

UK : 0870 770 4215

US : 1-877-777-2827

Canada : 1-888-366-5666

Australia : 03/8676 6400

South Africa : 021/936 3080

Royal Brunei Airlines

UK : 020 7584 6660

Royal Jordanian

UK : 020 7878 6300

US : 1-800-223-0470

Canada : 1-800-363-0711

Royal Nepal Airlines

US : 1-800-266-3725

Sahara Airlines

UK : 0870 127 1000

US : 1-212-685-5456

Canada : 1-416-966-4825

Saudi Arabian Airlines

UK : 020 7798 9898

US : 1-800-472-8342

Singapore Airlines

US : 1-800-742-3333

Canada : 1-800-663-3046

Australia : 13 10 11 or 02/9350 0262

New Zealand : 0800/208909

Silk Air

Singapore : 1800-224-4243

South African Airways

South Africa : 0861/359 722

SriLankan Airlines

UK : 020 8538 2001

US : 1-877-915-2652

Canada : 1-416-277-9000

Australia : 02/9244 2234

New Zealand : 09/308 3353


UK : 0845 601 0956

US : 1-877-359-7947

Australia : 1300/724666

New Zealand : 09/977 2238

Thai Airways

UK : 0870 606 0911

US : 1-212-949-8424

Canada : 1-416-974-5181

Australia : 1300/651960

New Zealand : 09/377 3886

United Airlines

UK : 0845 844 4777

US : 800-241-6522

Virgin Atlantic Airways

UK : 0870 380 2007

US : 1-800-821-5438

Domestic Airlines

Air Deccan –

Air India –

Air India Express –

GoAir –

Indigo Airlines –

Jet Airways –

Air Sahara –

Spicejet –   

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