Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary


 Surrounded by protected areas and sanctuaries on all sides, Parambikulam Tiger Reserve is one of the most protected sanctuaries in Kerala. Hosting a variery of habitats suitable for a large number of plants and animal species, the area which has no direct access from Kerala but only through Tamil Nadu always exudes a quiet charm and beauty.

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve (PTR) is one among the two tiger reserves in Kerala positioned in the Nelliampathy – Anamalai landscapes of the Western Ghats. The presence of reservoirs, eco tones,hills,ponds and swamps make the reserve a unique one and provides a safe habitat to tigers, wild dog,leopard,Indian gaur, jungle cat,sambar,great hornbill,elepahtt,etc.

Under consideration by UNESCO, to be announced as a World Heritage Site, this sanctuary boasts of 39 mammals, 16 amphibious, 268 avian and 61 reptilian spices along with 124 species of beautiful butterflies. Visitors can use the many watch towers built to spot the various species of wildlife. The reserve also contains ‘Kannimara’, the world’s oldest and largest teak tree.

This sanctuary,deep in the valley and stretching over 258,boasts of the first ever scientifically managed teak plantation in the world as well as the world’s tallest and oldest teak tree.Beasies the astounding array of flora and fauna,it offers challenging treks in the hills and vast lakes for boating.Parambikulam is also a haven for bird waching,and was once the favorite haunt of the legendary ornithologist,Dr Salim Ali.

The Chalakudy River, coursing through the sanctuary, has been dammed at three places, creating vast reservoirs ideal for viewing wildlife and birds.

Habitat types are very diverse and support a variety of wildlife. While deer,sambar and gaur largely inhabit the forest fringes, the lion tailed macaque, king cobra,tiger,leopard,civer cat,pangolin,porcupine,jungle cat, cane turtle, and the Ceylon frogmouth roam freely in the interiors. The Parambikulam frog (Rana parambikulamana) is exclusive to the sanctuary. There are plenty of trekking options here. The tribal from the area are usually well informed guides.

Of the many options available for a tourist perhaps the best one to know this destination up close is to stay in an island Veetikkunnu - for a night. The boat ride to the island itself thrills you to the core as you can never  for a moment take your eyes off the beautiful shores of the Parambikulam reservoir. Unlike other forests, Parambikulam rarely sends back a tourist empty hands.Elephants, gaurs, spotted deers, leopards, occasionally a tiger – any animal can break that tree line and come to the bank to drink water. And you’d be on the edge of your seats the moment you realize those queer rocks you see in the sun are actually mugger crocodiles sunning with open mouths.

The island welcomes you with a tree house on the bank. You’d have a more comfortable stay inside, but the tree house looks more into the wild. Prepare yourself for one of the grandest sunsets in your life now. In a lone leafless tree cropping out of the water, the birds have all settled down in various branches waiting.

Nights, with only solar lamps bruning, are sure to provide you an immersive experience in the wild. One naturalist will accompany the visitors along with EDC boatmen. And you have to carry your own food from outside. Maximum number of persons permitted for the stay is five.

Wildlife safari tourism is associated with protected areas and it involves spotting wild animals in their natural habitat and other tourist attractions by travelling in a vehicle. The three hour van safari of Parambikulam Tiger Reserve includes a visit to orientation cantre, tribal heritage centre, Kannimara teak, views of valleys, dams, lakes etc.The journey through the narrow roads having undulating terrain is an awesome experience. The three hour safari provides opportunity to spot peacocks, sambar, deer, wild pigs etc.Kannimara Teak in Parambikulam Tiger Reserve is one amongst the world’s largest living teak trees, having a girth of 7.02 meters and height of 39.98 metres.Thunacadavu and Parambikulam are the major dams. Sufficient time is allotted to the visitors to spend at each spot and they can take beautiful pictures too. The cool climate is one of the major specialties of the reserve. The safari coast is Rs.170 per visitor.

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve is home to indigenous tribes like Malasars, Kadars, Mudhuvas, Malamalasars etc.The tribes earn their livelihood through participation in community based eco tourism packages.The various packages available are tree top huts, bamboo rafting, trekking programmes, visiting Island etc.Souvenirs made of costly wood can be purchased from the eco shop in the reserve.

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve is one of the best managed protected areas by the Kerala Forests and Wildlife Department. It has won the National Tiger Conservation Authority award for the best tiger reserve for community participation in eco tourism during 2016.The uniqueness of Parambikulam Tiger Reserve is that it can be accessed only by entering Pollachi in Tamilnadu.

Getting There

By Air : The nearest airport is at Coimbatore,120 km.

By rail : The nearest railhead is Pollachi, 39 km.Coimbatore is 120 km, and Palakkad is 100 km (5 km from Palakkad Town)

By Road : Pollachi – 39 Km,

                 Coimbatore – 120 km,

                 And Palakkad – 100 kmBook Your Holidays


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