Kovalam Tourism

Image of Kovalam BeachThree crescent shaped beaches, separated rocky outcroppings, constutue the chief attraction of this coastal town. Backed by the palm covered steep headlands, the beaches are lined with a host of shops that offer all kinds of goods and services, creating an un mistakably resort like atmosphere.

Shallow waters, stretching hundreds of metres, are ideal for swimming and backbone of Kerala tourism. The vast expanse of shimmering sea, sandy coves, and rocky outcroppings over the eater, exuberant surf and brilliant sunshine impart an unreal quality to this popular tourist spot.Dinning at beachfront restaurant at Kovalam is grant affair.



The 35 m lighthouse stands atop the Kurumkal hillock, jutting out on the sea. It stands on a rocky promontory and unfortunately not opens to visitors. Its distinctive beams at regular intervals at nigh add to the charm of a romantic evening at Kovalam. The palm covered hillock offers a spectacular view of its surroundings.

Backwater Cruise

Twelve kilometers from Kovalam, the Karamana River crosses the highway at Thiruvallom.This is an idyllic spot, offering a delightful view of the backwaters. A boat club offers a variety of cruises from canoe rides and kayaking to jaunts in kettuvallams.Day tours to the nearby Pozhikara and Edayar islands and home stays at Idayar homes can also be arranged.

Vellayani Lake

One of the few freshwater lakes in Kerala, this pristine water body is a must see. Accessible by boat from Kovalam, 7 km away, the lake draws huge crowds during the Onam boat races.

Valiyathura Pier

This 214 m long pier at Vallakkadavu offers magnificent views of the coast.However,because it is constantly pounded by the sea, the pier today has been reduced to a mere shadow of its busy former self. Fisherman fling their catamarans into the sea, jump in after them, and swim to the boats. Crowds gather just to watch this important show.


Located 17 km from Thiruvananthapuram, close to Kovalam,is this historic spot – the ninth century capital of the Ay kings.Today,it is a quiet village, with only its relics, such as the cave temple, linking it to the past. The fishing harbor becomes a beehive of activity at dawn. The bay makes a pretty picture.

The Cave Temple

A huge granite boulder has an opening, now blocked, and said to lead to an underground cave. A half fished bas-relied of Shiva appears on the stone and an idol of Saraswati sits at the mouth of the cave. Frequented by both Hindus and Muslims, it is now a protected monument under the ASI.


Chowara, a tiny fishing village 8 km south of Kovalam, boasts broad sandy beaches minus the crowds. Uncluttered and pristine, the beach attracts solitude – seeking beach combers rather than revelers and beach buffs.


18 kilometers south of Kovalam is another peaceful but stunningly beautiful beach, Poovar.Situated close to the Neyyar River estuary, Poovar was a trading port in its early days.Today, it is recognized as a tourist destination, mainly due to the many resorts in the area such as the Poovar Island Resort, Isola di Cocco and the Estuary Island Resort.

Largely unexplored and unspoilt, the island of Poovar has developed into an up market tourist destination. Enveloped by serene backwaters and at places, separated from the sea only by narrow sand banks, Poovar, with its virgin beaches, is very popular with tourists.

Getting There

By Air : The nearest is Thiruvananthapuram International Airport,13 Km away

By Road : The nearest railhead is Thiruvananthapuram Central,14 km

By Road : Buses ply to Kovalam at half hourly interval throughout the day from the Thampanoor bus stand in Thiruvananthapuram.

Where to stay

For details of hotels and resorts in Kovalam,see accommodation listing on http://halokerala.com/hotels/kovalam/


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