Waterfalls of Kerala

The clarion call of the gushing waterfalls of Kerala is inescapable during a trip to God’s Own Country. The milky white waterfalls are inimitable by itself, primarily due to the grandeur of the evergreen forests that wrap it. The stunning greenery of the evergreen forests and vast grassland below make the waterfalls of Kerala a wonderful jaunt for tourists and Kerala tourism.Athirapilly and Vazhachal located near the entrance of Sholayar ranges are the most visited of the waterfalls of Kerala.Cheeyapara is another of the famous waterfalls of Kerala. This bubbling waterfall mind bogglingly cascades down in seven steps, fashioning a sensational spectacle. The spectacular Meenmutty waterfalls in Wayanad has a unique feature that the water drops from nearly 1000 feet over three stages presented a triple Decker effect.Aruvi Waterfalls,Aruvikuzhi Waterfalls ,Dhoni,Chethalayam,Kanthampara Waterfalls,Attukkad,Palarivu Waterfalls,Permthenaruvi,Thommankuthu,Thusharagiri,Sentinal Rock Waterfalls,Meenvallam,Vellari Mala,Kerari and Valara are also famous and ideal places for getting refreshed with Mother nature.

List of Waterfalls in Kerala

Aruvi Waterfalls/Vaiyanthol: (60 km from Thiruvananthapuram) This is an unspoiled tourist spot with 4 feet cascade. One can reach here only through trekking which gives a heavenly experience and prior permission should take from the forest department to enter the area.

Aruvikuzhi Waterfalls: (18 Km from Kottayam town) Two kilometers down Kumarakom, it is a beautiful picnic spot where streams tinkle as it penetrate to the landscape and water roars as it cascades down the mountains from a height of 100 feet.

Athirapally WaterfallAthirappilly Waterfalls: (63 km from Thrissur and 78 km from Kchi) At the entrance to the Sholayar ranges, this 80 ft high waterfall is a popular picnic spot. Cascading from a height of 80 feet Athirappilly waterfalls joins the Chalakkudy River.The Athirapally Falls, known as ‘Niagara of Kerala. The waterfalls, their cool, misty waters cascading down in the backdrop of thick green forest and rocky terrain, are a scintillating experience to visitors.Falling from a height of 80 ft, this majestic fall is the largest and widest waterfall in Kerala ser against a combination of forests and tiny streams.Vazhachal is located above Athirapally Falls.


Attukad Waterfalls: (9 km from Munnar) A panorama of waterfalls and rolling hills, Attukad, located between Munnar and Pallivasal, is a feast for the eyes.

Chethalayam Waterfalls: (12 km from Sulthan Bathery) It is a lovely place to visit and trekking enthusiasts will have an enjoyable time to climb up the rocks to the waterfalls.

Dhoni Waterfalls:15 Km from Palakkad) It takes a three hour trek from the base of Dhoni Hills to reach this reserve forest area with its small, beautiful waterfall.

Kanthanpara Waterfalls: (8 km east of Meppady and 12 km southeast of Kappetta) This is a beautiful waterfall with 30 meters in height. The scenic beauty of the place is also breathtaking.

Kesari Waterfalls: It is also known as Valanjamkanam falls between Kuttikanam and Murinjapuzha.  It offers adventurous spirit and closeness to nature.

Meanvallam Waterfalls: This 25 feet height waterfall is 8 km away from Thuppanad Junction.  Among the 10 steps of waterfalls only two can be accessed and the others remaining in dense forest.

Meenmutty WaterfallMeenmutty Waterfalls: (12 km east of Meppadi and 29 km from Kalpetta) This spectacular waterfall in Wayanad has a unique feature that the water drops from nearly 1000 feet over three stages present a triple-decker effect.

Palaruvi Waterfalls: (75 km from Kollam town) This cascade, which falls from a height of 300 feet, is so fascinating that inspired people to name it Palaruvi. Literal meaning of Palaruvi is the stream of milk and its spellbinding experience attracts people. It is a favorite picnic spot for visitors from all over South India. The journey to Palaruvi through the dense tropical forest is a spellbinding experience. The surrounding mist clad hills and green valleys form a stunning backdrop to the mike white burst of foam whose muffled roar resounds through the otherwise tranquil virgin forest.

Perumthenaruvi Waterfalls: (36 km from Pathanamthitta) This waterfall on the banks of the Pamba River is a favourite picnic spot on the way to Vechuchira.

Power House Waterfalls: (18 km from Munnar) This waterfall on the way to Thekkady from Munnar cascades down a steep rock.

Sentinal Rock Waterfalls: (22 km south of Kalpetta near Chooral Mala) With a three steps waterfall more than 200 meters in height, framed by enchanting scenery, this region is ideal for rock climbing.

Thommankuthu WaterfallThommankuthu Waterfalls: (17 km from Thodupuzha) The seven step waterfall here is a much loved picnic spot. At each step there is a cascade and a pool beneath. It is an ideal place for adventure tourism.

Valara : it is located on the Kochi – Madurai Highway. The surrounding thick forest add beauty to this cascade.

Vazhachal : (68 km from Thrissur and 83 km from Kochi) Just a short drive from Athirapally,this pictureaque waterfall is close to dense green forests and ais part of the Chalakudy river.

Thusharagiri WaterfallsThusharagiri Waterfalls: (50 km from Kozhikode) Waterfalls and streams abound in this hilly region with excellent trekking tracks, located near Vythiri.As the name suggests, land and water have struck an extraordinary kinship at Thusharagiri (Mist Capped Peaks).The plantation destination that abounds in rubber,arecanut,pepper,ginger and spices, is also a trekkers delight.

Vallari Mala: Scintillating waterfalls and velvet green landscapes make this is an ideal spot for trekking and adventure tourism.



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