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Kerala, without doubt, is the best monsoon tourism destination, as it has on offer a variety of astounding views which once can’t get during the rest of the year. Kerala is the gateway for the South-West monsoon and receives abundant rainfall during June – September: The rivers, waterfalls, beaches, backwaters and hill stations are at their vary best when it rains in Kerala and for a monsoon lover, Kerala is the beat place in the country to visit.

The meticulous attempts by Kerala Tourism to tap the potential of month long monsoon season of Kerala proved successful in increasing the flow of tourists in to the State in the leanest season of the year. Trapped in the spell of Ayurveda,the campaigns liberated the season from n the image, that monsoon in Kerala means only wellness and treatment modules.

The four month long, copious monsoon and recurrent flurry make Kerala a perfect nursery for all living being. The word monsoon imparts a festive spirit to the whole world. The smell of the dry earth getting soaked elates you to an exotic experience. It becomes the best time to explore the virgin nature intact. A land which is very precious to God with a vast network of 44 rivers ad its tributaries welcomes monsoon with much exuberance.Yes,Kerala eagerly expects the sound of splashing waters after a long summer. The farmers exult in the drops of prosperity that shower a new beginning. It is the queer season which can refresh you completely. The God’s own country is blessed with a great season of monsoon that lasts for three months. Monsoons the season of rainbows and raindrops is certainly not to be wasted indoors. The very special season of the ear, monsoon ignites the land with freshness that is not to be wasted indoors. The washed streets, the fresh leaves and fun that the rain drops bring are waiting to service the tourists. The aplomb air cools your body and mind. Monsoons in Kerala are the most enchanting in India. With green pastures at its best, it is the most sought after destination during rainy season.

Started in 2005 it took an entire decade to send the message across the world that during monsoon the Kerala is at its beat (Beauty).There are many people who loved to enjoy the rains. In terms of the beauty of its tropical greenery during the monsoon, no other state can showcase monsoon better than Kerala. The sound of incessant rain and cascading waters, the sight of various shades of green laced by sparkling rivers lure tourists even from afar to the state. Kerala with its diverse offerings is rated as a complete monsoon destination in India.

Kerala has mainly two rainy seasons. The South – West Monsoon called Edavappathi arrives in June and October witnesses the arrival of the North – East Monsoon called Thulam.It is an ideal time for rejuvenation therapies (Ayurveidc Treatments) as the atmosphere remains dust free and cool, opening the pores of the body to the maximum making it most receptive to herbal oils and therapy.Hence, tourists combine travel and ayurvedic treatment when they visit Kerala during monsoon. There are already attractive wellness packages available the tourist can’t say no to. Several ayurveda based packages are designed by tour operators, hoteliers, resorts, spas and other ayurvedic centers for rejuvenation therapies by combining the experience of monsoon and accommodation at discounted rates.

Monsoon in KeralaMonsoon tourism is catching up in destinations such as Wayanad, Athirapilly, Fort Kochi, Kumarakom, Munnar, Thekkady, Vagamon, Bekal, etc.The main attraction of Kochi during the monsoons is the boat rides to all the islands through the backwaters. The swiftness of the waterfalls in Athirapilly and Wayanad are strong during monsoon.

Athirappilly Falls is situated on the west flowing Chalakudy River in Thrissur district . The length of the falls is 24 meters (80ft) Vazhachal Falls is stated a few kilometers above the Athirappilly and Vazhachal makes the river eater turbulent and water gushes forward around big rocks to form segmented water cascades. At Athirappilly Falls, one can witness water surges around big rocks and cascades down as three separate plumes.Athirapilly Falls is noted for its enormous wdth and massive discharge of water during the monsoon. Both the falls are under the supervision of Vazhachal forest development agency (VFDA).Besides waterfalls, it is the only place where once can see all the South Indian species of hornbills like Great Hornbill (the State Bird of Kerala), Malabar Pied Hornbill, Malabar Grey Hornbill and the Indian Grey Hornbill.

Kava located near Malampuzha dam is emerging as the best monsoon tourism spot in Kerala. It is popular place for viewing different moods of the rain clouds. The place is best for monsoon photography. The pristine settings and weather in Kava makes tourists throng here.

Malappuram ,covering an area of 13,632 hectares, the Kole wetlands are spread over the districts of Thrissur and Malappuram.Kole lands are basically water logged areas which are used for agricultural activities such as paddy cultivation, lotus farming,fishing,duck farming etc.Traditional style agricultural practices are the hallmark of Kole lands.Kole lands are the vital habitat for major migratory and indigenous water birds sighted in central Kerala.Muriyad,Puzhakkal,Enamakkal,Pullachi,Choondal,Tholur,Kattur,Aloor,Ayilakkad,and Manarchery are some of the famous Kole lands.                               

A cruise through the Vembanad backwaters is an ideal way to sightsee what village life means when it rains. The egg hills and pine forest of Vagamon are never miss spots. The prominent destinations like Munnar and Thekkady are ideal destinations for taking monsoon photographs. A visit to the paddy fields submerged in water is a aloes must see sight.Gavi is situated in the Ranni Forest division of Pathanamthitta district and surrounded by hills and valleys, tropical forests, sprawling grasslands, cascading waterfalls and cardamom plantations. Visitors can indulge in an array of activities like trekking, bird watching and boating or canoeing in the serene waters of the lake. The cool and misty climate is a major factor which attracts visitors to this destination when it pours down. Attractive places are offered by the Kerala Forest Development Corporation (KFDC) to entice visitors to Gavi.

Munnar ,Known for its sprawling tea estates,Eravikulam National Park,Mattupetty dam and Echi Point and the endangered Nilgiri Thar, a visit to misty covered Munnar during monsoon is an enthralling experience.

Image of backwaters during monsoonKerala has already become a popular monsoon tourism destination in the southern markets especially for weekend breaks. Tourists from Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad increasingly frequent the state during the monsoon months for weekend getaways. The domestic tourists from northern and western markets of India prefer taking the circuit tours of Kerala. The attractive deals offered during the monsoons have helped Kerala to attract hordes of foreign tourists.

The hilly tourist destination located in the north-east region of Kerala is known for its torrential rains.Meenmutty Falls, Soochippara, Pookode Lake, Kuruva Island, Chembra Peak and Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary come alive during monsoon. A Journey along the Wayanad Pass will be a thrilling experience at this time of the year.Splash,a monsoon carnival held during July, attracts a large number of visitors to Wayanad.Travellers can stay in tree huts set high above the canopy of the rainforest. These tree houses offer tourists a wonderful opportunity to experience and enjoy nature at its pristine best.

Bekal receives abundant rains and winds, making it an ideal monsoon destination.Bekal Fort, the largest in Kerala are located on the shores of the Arabian Sea and was once the gateway to the Malabar Coast. It was constructed by Shivappa Nayak of Bednore in order to defend the port from overseas attacks. During monsoon, Bekal offers attractive views to take photographs. The curved view of the beach from the fort is spectacular.

Kids playing in Pond during monsoonThe annual splash carnival held in Kalpetta since 2009 in July has grabbed wide attention among domestic and foreign tourists for its mud foot ball,rafting,archery,competition in indigenous farming like ploughing,planting of paddy and fun-filled events like climbing the slippery tree and catching crabs. The event organized by the Wayanad Tourism Organization (WTO) in association with the District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC) is aimed at giving tourists a firsthand experience of the lifestyle of tribal communities of Wayanad.Ten years ago Wayanad was a less known tourism destination. But now movers and shakers of the industry from Bengaluru, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, New Delhi and Chennai have dasjed down to the hill district realizing its merging importance in the tourism arena.Wayanad has all kinds of Attractions for a young tourist including wildlife, trekking paths, waterfalls.The accommodations also is varied with the elite, middle class and lower  rung. The jungle safari should be more attractive

Shoot the Rain is another monsoon – based soccer tournament conducted by Tourism Professionals Club. It will be held on July at Parade Ground in Fort Kochi.

Be it human or nature, it is sure that everything around us has a mystic affection for the drizzle. The secret lover of monsoon is specialist in clicking charming raindrops couched in petals, leaves and wet roofs during this irresistible season.

The magical feeling of watching nature as she embraces the rain is beyond word. Like humans even animals shows their emotions for the monsoon in Kerala. The lush green forest, the flora and fauna revive their energy.

After the rain ,when birds with sodden feathers hop from one muddy pool to another and humans carefully step out for their daily affairs.

Image of Trekking in KeralaDoes rain stop you from trekking and enjoying the weekend away from home? With these five must haves in your travel kit, you can explore the monsoon season and enjoy it safely in Kerala.

Apparel : it is always ideal choose loose fitting clothes that will enable your skin to breathe and keep away sweat and body odour.Moisture-wicking shirts will not add extra weight while you sweat or get wet in the rains unlike cotton which when wet takes longer time to dry.

Shoes : A pair of shoes equipped with specialized rubber soles for abrasion resistance is the best choice. An apt sole should be strong enough to bear the wear and tear of rugged surfaces. Another key factor is, it should be waterproof and prevent bacterial growth.

Accessories : To enjoy your trek in Kerala during the monsoons, get yourself a portable trekking umbrella which could fit into your harness or backpacks.

Supporting systems: Usually a trek involves walking for miles which puts a lot of pressure on the knees and ankles and may hinder our body balance. Taking the support of a trekking pole will help you maintain proper balance between your arms, back and legs. Check for lightweight aluminum or carbon fibred poles that can be stored in the side pockets of a backpack.

Miscellaneous : If you are planning to go beyond the city limits, don’t miss out on carrying basic amenities like a torch, mosquito repellent,swiss knife, first aid kit and nutria-bars for instant energy.

Now that you have all that you want in your hand…. Go and grab your backpack and head out for a fun filled adventurous trekking in Kerala.


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